How can I keep informed about what's happening at Jub Jub? Print

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If you're a hosting customer, you probably want to keep informed about what's happening at the data center.

We post important announcements that affect hosting operations on the announcements page of our support site. In addition to important news, we often include posts about minor software updates on our servers, security-related issues affecting popular content management software, and other useful tips from our support staff.

If you prefer to receive our announcements via RSS, you can subscribe to the feed here.


Web Development


To learn what is keeping us busy on the web development side of our business, we have a blog on our main site.


All of the Above


For all Jub Jub goodness, there are a few social media channels to check. You can keep track of general service announcements and company updates on our company Twitter account @JubJubInc. You can also fan our company page on Facebook, or add us to one of your circles on Google Plus.

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