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To set a vacation message for your email account, you must first login to your Control Panel for your website.


For Linux hosted websites:


To access the control panel of your Linux hosted website, (which is DirectAdmin),the URL you have to use to login, and the username and password  to login to your control panel, was included in the Hosting Guide you received when you first signed up for hosting with us.


The URL you have to put in the address bar of your browser is:




If you know which server you are hosted on, you can also access your site via:


Once logged in to DirectAdmin, simply click on the link "Vacation Messages", under "Email Management".


Then click on the link for "SET VACATION MESSAGE"


You will then see a GUI for adding a vacation message for all the email accounts on the site.


A drop-down allows you to choose which email address to set the vacation message for.


there's a box for writing a customized "Away" message.


And drop-downs for setting the Start and End times.


For Windows hosted websites:

1. Login to Smartermail, the webmail interface

2. To set up an auto-responder, click the settings icon. Then expand the My Settings folder and click Auto-Responder in the navigation pane. The auto-responder settings will load in the content pane and the following tabs will be available:


Use this tab to specify the following options:

Enable auto-responder - Select this checkbox to turn the auto-responder on.
Disable responses to indirect mail - By selecting this checkbox, the auto-responder will only be triggered by email sent directly to you. Any email you receive through a mailing list, forward, or an alias will not trigger the auto-responder.
Limit responses to once daily - Select this checkbox to ensure an email address only receives the auto-responder message once per day, even if they send you multiple messages. If you disable this option, every email a particular address sends to will get responded to. It is HIGHLY recommended that you keep this option turned on to avoid the potential of your email address, your domain, or even potentially your entire mail server from becoming blacklisted by an ISP.

Auto-Responder Message

Use this tab to specify to customize the auto-responder message. Note: This tab is only available if the auto-responder is enabled.

Subject - The words or phrase that appears in the subject of the auto-responder message (e.g. Out of Office).
Compose Format - To specify whether the auto-responder displays in plain text or HTML, select the appropriate option from the list.
Message - Type the text of the auto-responder in this field. For example: I will be out of the office from June 1 to June 15. I will respond to your message upon my return to the office on June 16. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Jane Doe at


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