Which server is my account on?

Some of the posts on our announcements page mention specific servers. You'll occasionally see comments like:

  • "mail sent from mail1 is being delayed",
  • "web07 will be rebooted tonight for kernel updates", or
  • "more storage has been added to web05".


Naturally, your question is "How do I know if they're talking about the server with my account?"


You can find the server that hosts your account in two locations.

1. Support Portal - When you login to our support portal, you'll see something like "Server: web07" under the Account Information heading.

2. Welcome Email - After we provision your hosting account, you receive an email that contains details about how to access your account. We call it the "hosting guide". In it, you'll find a link to the server's control panel (e.g. https://web07.jubjub.net:2222/). The part before jubjub.net is the name of the server. In this example, it's "web07".


If you host more than one site with us, the different sites may be on different servers.

If you did not receive your hosting guide or it's lost, please let us know, and we'll resend it.

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