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These instructions will show you how to set up ExpanDrive on Mac to access our offsite backup server. After completion, you'll be able to drag-and-drop files between your Mac and the backup server. While this guide is Mac-specific, the steps required to configure ExpanDrive on a PC are similar.


Note: You will need your username and password from the welcome e-mail in order to complete the setup


  • Step 1. Download and install ExpanDrive
  • Step 2. Choose Drive Manager... from ExpanDrive's menu in the taskbar

  • Step 3. Click Add (+) button to add a new drive

  • Step 4. Configure your new drive as follows:
    • Drive Type: SFTP (SSH)
    • Server:
    • Username: Enter your 4-digit account number
    • Password: Enter your password (check Save)
    • Nickname: Backup Server
    • Remote Path: Leave blank
    • Port: 22
    • Optional: If you wish to connect to the backup server automatically after logging in to your Mac, check Reconnect at Login

  • Step 5. Click Save and Close
  • Step 6. To connect, double-click the drive icon from the Drive Manager list


If the connection was successful, you'll see a drive in the Finder named Backup Server

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